For iPhone users:

Step 1: Open the Questionnaire by clicking on the “mobile version” hyperlink link on the ICEO website

Step 2: Click the “Share” icon (3-dot icon) at the bottom of the screen

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Save to Files”

Step 4: Click on “Downloads” and then “Save” (upper right-hand corner)

Step 5: Open the “Files” app

Step 6: Click on “Downloads”

Step 7: Open and complete Questionnaire (zooming in may make screen more responsive to selection buttons in question #1)

Step 8: When finished, click on “Share” icon in bottom left corner

Step 9: Select “E-mail” and send to

For android users:

Step 1: Download the Questionnaire by clicking on the hyperlink on the ICEO website

Step 2: Open the Questionnaire now found on your device’s download folder e.g., use the Adobe Acrobat Reader app, you may have to download that

Step 3:  Complete/ Edit the Questionnaire on your device

Step 4: Choose Share Icon (3-dot icon), see top line of the screen

Step 5: Select “Send a Copy”

Step 6: Select your email app – the Questionnaire will be then attached to an email message

Step 7:  Send email to by typing this email address on the TO line and hitting send